Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's been a while!

Well, it hasn't really been that long, but when you fire out posts at a fast rate like I did last week, six days can feel like an eternity. I had a pretty busy weekend, which was taken up mostly by my cousin's wedding Saturday. Typical ceremony, it went without any problems, and the reception was really fun. I actually danced at a wedding for the first time; my mom was quite excited about that. I don't normally dance, it's just not me, but I figured I'd loosen up once CCR's "Down on the Corner" came on from the live band. The band did a great job with their song selections, and it seemed like everyone there had a great time.

I made it back Sunday afternoon for the Patriots game, and before I had another jam session we watched the Pats stomp all over yet another opponent. I already see the Lombardi trophy in my sights...

It was after the game when we decided not to jam because it was getting too late for a Sunday. It was last night when we finally got together for the first jam, but it ended up just myself, Justin and Mike. Justin jumped on drums, which he's been playing a lot more lately. He's "sick of guitar." At this point, this would leave me to shoulder the load on guitar, but I seriously doubt James' spot as drummer is in jeopardy. We could plan in the future on doing something in the style of the defunct indie band Dispatch, where we would switch instruments in between songs. I am by far best on guitar, but I can play a little bass and/or drums from time to time if others wanted to play guitar. I feel like I'd be great at bongos, because I have a tendency to tap beats with my hands incessantly. We might get a set to incorporate them into our original material, but for now it's just an idea.

The jam was pretty simple for the most part, and it only lasted about 30 minutes because of how late it was (we were playing very loudly past 10:30 pm), but it was fun nonetheless. I got to try out some new stuff I was working on with percussion accompaniment, so now I have an idea of what it could sound like. James and Tyler were at the movies while we jammed, so a full band session will happen again very soon.

Next time: an audio sample of the prototype of my next original song. Once I find out how to upload audio to this site...