Saturday, October 20, 2007

We actually jammed! New song in the making

Justin and I got together yesterday for the first jam session in over two weeks. Those weeks felt like an eternity, but there was finally some free time for us to get together and play. With my amp still in limbo, I needed to use the Fender amp while Justin used the Mesa/Boogie rectifier you can see in the picture. We got a new song going while messing around a bit, and it sounds promising. The opening riffs are dueling clean guitars, which sound great if we get the right harmonies. Justin and I tend to have good ears for that kind of stuff when we play together, so I think this new song will turn out very good. Once we have a solid foundation for what we want it to sound like, I'll put together an audio sample for you all to hear.

James played drums for us for a little while yesterday as well, but with a broken snare (pretty much the most important piece of the set), he had limited resources. He could still use the snare, it just didn't sound right. I was able to get some video of him playing. I apologize once again for the lack of brightness in the video, that's just how it looks when I record using my digital camera, which is about 6 years old. Here's the video:

I thought I'd put that out there, to prove how good James really is at drums. He does a great job for what he has to work with, which isn't all that much.

Next post, which could be later today, I'm going to discuss my equipment and what I plan on doing to get new equipment in the future, for which I believe I'm overdue.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Midterms slowing us down...

This has been a slow couple of weeks for us. Only one small jam session has taken place in about 12 days, and James, Justin and Mike have all been swamped with midterm work. Almost every time I called to see if anyone wanted to jam, they all said they had either a paper to write or big test to study for. They weren't lying; they all have midterms for all their classes this week. James is majoring in finance, Mike and Justin entrepreneurship, which can make for some interesting yet challenging courses. This was certainly the time of the year where we would be slowed form jamming, and there were no surprises there. Justin has classes off today, so hopefully he'll want to get a little jam going this afternoon at least, before I go to work. I'm itching to play, because I've been very busy with the guitar when I've had free time at my apartment. Hopefully I'll have something worth posting about later today, but for now I'm in jam session limbo...